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Pantone Cans

Canon 5D MkIII has just been released dispelling all the rumours and speculation on the new features to improve the MkII which was ground breaking in DSLR video technology.  The steady progression of improvements from the original 5D model released back in 2005 has been staggering.  More after the jump.

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Cooperative Catalyst

All over the world children are starting school for the first time. Their eagerness and excitement is infectious. The joy of learning is in every ounce of their bodies and souls, and they will soon be joining a community of other children, as friends and playmates. They want to learn, play, and create. They know nothing of aims or outcomes, nothing of grades or learning tracks. They just want to run and jump, discovering and exploring what the world has to offer. They know nothing of the purpose of education, because learning is has been their life since birth.

All over the world children are starting school for the first time, at schools where their eagerness and excitement is essential and cherished, schools that see them as vital members of the learning community along with their teachers and families, schools where every member has a voice and participates in making…

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